Mga Testimonials ng mga gumagamit ng Pure Barley Products.

“Prayers and Sante Pure Barley saved my life” –April Boy Regino
Last year 2010 April Boy Regino encountered one of the biggest challenge in his life and family that tested their courage and faith. He was diagnosed with Prostate Cancer. When he discovered his illness he thought there’s no other way to cure it. “When I found out that I have Prostate Cancer akala ko mamamatay na ako.” God answered their prayers, his brother-in-law invited him to try Sante Pure Barley. April Boy didn’t expect that Barley will change his life. After three months of using Sante Pure Barley, he is very proud to share his testimony to the public that he is now recovering from Prostate Cancer.


Princess Jamila Canda
Barley Baby

Princess Jamila was born on May 4, 2010 and was diagnosed with neonatal pneumonia with clinical sepsis. She had to take frequent visits to the hospital due to her condition. The primary concern was difficulty of breathing.On August 12 of the same year, her mother started to give her Santé Pure Barley New Zealand. First week she took 2 sachets per day and, after that, 1 sachet divided into 3 per day.Thanks to Santé Pure Barley New Zealand, Princess Jamila was 1) healed of blood infection, 2) her blood count normalized (no longer anemic), 3) she became more active, and 4) can now breathe normally. She is now a very active baby girl. Thanks again to Santé Pure Barley New Zealand!


In 2009, Janette was initially diagnosed with nasal polyps. After a CT scan and biopsy of tissue sample, she was diagnosed with SINONASAL UNDIFFERENTIATED CARCINOMA or cancer.After the operation, the lump got bigger. She experienced sudden weight loss in 2010 and so went to PGH to undergo another CT scan. She also underwent radiation therapy.
She started taking Santé Barley Pure in July 2010. She started with 2 caps in the morning and 2 caps in the evening before meals.
On the 4th day, blood and pus started coming out of her nasal passages. After a week, she took Santé Pure Barley New Zealand powder, one sachet in the morning and one sachet in the evening before meals.
After taking our Santé Barley products, the number of radiation treatments was reduced to 25 instead of 40 sessions. Her last CT scan of the neck done at the PGH on October 8, 2010 showed that the cancerous mass had reduced in size from 6.0×5.0×6.5cm to 5.0×4.2×5.5 cm. Thanks to the contribution of our Santé Pure Barley New Zealand for her miraculous recovery!
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One thought on “Testimonials

  1. hi!
    i failed my medical for visa in Dubai because they said i have a scar in my lungs on March 2012. And when i go back here in Philippines i go for check up. At first i am negative with tuberculosis on January 2013. But wen i go ask medical certificate in another hospital this April i was diagnose with active tuberculosis and i will start my 6 months medication April 30, 2013. The doctor said once you have tuberculosis the scar will be permanent.
    i got interested with barley herbal because i read it is a “lung scar removal”. How true is it? is there any case about it? can i take barley same time in my medication which kind of barley product suitable for me? I have also diabetes.
    Please help me i want my lung is clear. no scar at all… Hope barley can help me.

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