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/>Sante Barley Pure New Zealand is pure organic young barley grass grown and cultivated in the fertile plains of Canterbury. Barley grass is harvested before the ovule begins to move up and the grain to develop. At this stage, its nutritional profile is more like that of a green leafy vegetable than that of a grain.

Young barley grass is rich in chlorophyll, the substance which gives plants their green color. Chlorophyll is a deodorizer that helps control bad breath, urine and fecal odor and body odor.Barley’s high fiber content helps promote regular bowel movement. It helps strengthen the immune system and helps protect against dreaded disease such as cancer. It acts as a detoxifier and may help remove toxic heavy metals from the body.It contains a mucilaginous substance, which relieves inflammation and soothes throat and stomach distress.

Barley Grass is naturally alkaline and may help to neutralize excess acidic materials in the body to maintain a healthy acidity/alkalinity balance.
It contains all essential amino acids for proper metabolism.Nutritionists recommend 5-6 servings of leafy green vegetables daily to help protect against degenerative diseases such as cancer, heart disease, and arthritis.

It takes 100 kilos of fresh barley grass to produce just 10 kilos of barley powder. Santé Pure Barley New Zealand is concentrated nutrition in each capsule.


The young leaves of organic barley are harvested only once, when they are below 30cm in height. Only the barley tops, where nutrients are concentrated, are harvested. No second or third harvest of young barley leaves are in any of Santé Barley Pure products.
The Advantages of Santé Barley Pure 500
Not every farm that claims to be organic is organic.
Santé provides only organic barley from farms certified by BioGro, New Zealand’s leading organic certification agency. BioGro is accredited by the International Federation of Organic Agriculture Movements (IFOAM) which represents the best in international organic standards.The BioGro certificate assures us that there are no unsafe levels of heavy metal, herbicide, and insecticide residues. New Zealand farms cannot be “certified organic” if unsafe residues are found. The farm must undergo residue testing as part of its certification.

Every Santé Barley Pure New Zealand 500mg capsule contains pure barley, without any additives nor artificial color.GUARANTEED FRESH
freshly harvested barley is immediately transported to the manufacturing plant for drying, milling, and packing. It takes only 1-6 hours between harvest and drying of fresh barley leaves using a patented process that assures preservation of vitamins, mineral, enzymes, and amino acids.

Santé Barley Pure New Zealand is packed in vegetable capsules. It is safe for vegetarians and vegans.CONVENIENT
Santé Barley Pure is packed in blister strips of 10 capsules each for handy and convenient use, anywhere and anytime.


13 thoughts on “Sante Pure Barley Capsule

  1. How much is the box of barley? Thank you

    Answer: 1 box Capsule (60 caps / box ) is P900 and 1 box Powder Juice is P1,950

  2. ask ko lang po kung ok sa 4 & 8 yrs old ang capsule? kasi ayaw ng 4 yrs old ang juice..but I tried the half powder ng capsule tig half sila then hinahalo ko sa hot milo nila, it is ok?

    Answer: Hello Po ok lng ung capsule sa bata. Pwed rin kayo bumili ng choco Barley meron sa content 250mg na barley.

  3. is it possible to gain weight when taking the sante barley capsule?
    i took it for almost 2 weeks and i did really gain weight.

  4. ask ko lang po kung ilan po b ititake n pure barley capsule? ang father ko po my Rectal Cancer, kaya po b ng pure barley ang sakit n un? maraming salamat

  5. My GF has a breast lump and she sometimes has a pain for 15 minutes or so. Her friend in a same situation could improve the situation by taking barley cupsuls in 3 months. How often and how many do you recommend to take capsuls a day?

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