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How To Join

Ang membership po natin ay P250 One time Set-up plus P3,988 Product Package Total P4,238 ang kapalit po nun na halaga ng products na ibibigay sa inyo ay
P4,650. Ang laman po nun ay ito:
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*1box of PURE BARLEY POWDER JUICE (30 sachets/box) – P1,950
*3boxes of PURE BARLEY CAPSULE (60capsules/box) (3 x P900/box) – P 2,700
Kaya ang Total ng halaga ng Products na matatanggap nyo ay – P4,650
Mas malaki pa yung matatanggap nyong halaga ng produkto kesa sa Membership Fee nyo..
Pagkatapos po yung Distributor’s Kit po na yan ay may kasama pang
*CD (video product/ marketing plan presentation of Kuya Kim Atienza)
*discount coupons
*membership id


4 Boxes of Sante Barley Coffee – P330 ONLY!!!!
4 Boxes of Sante Barley Choco – P350
4 Boxes of Sante Barley Soap – P390
Other Big League Products:
4 Boxes of MyChia – P800
2 x iDental Care Set – P500
2 Boxes Daily C – P500
2 x Moments Power Pack – P1,396



Pag Member kayo 33-50% Discount po kayo.
Ang price na lang halimbawa nung Sante Barley Powder
Juice instead of 1,950/box pag di ka Member ay
1,260 na lang kung ikaw nman ay Member na.
Then pwede pang maging 945 per box na lang pag bumili
kayo ng 1 set na (Buy 3 boxes + Get 1 box for FREE PROMO)
Kaya lalabas 1,005/box ang na save nyo or 4,020 savings nyo
sa 4 na box ng Sante Barley Powder Juice.


Pwede kang kumita ng Unlimited Income dito sa Sante International!


Pag Member ka ng Sante International discounted ka rin sa lahat ng other companies under Big League.


Tuwing may Bonus ka dito sa Sante, ite-text ka ng System. Kaya Updated ka lagi! Ok diba?
May FREE E-LOADING BUSINESS ka pa dito! Yung income mo sa Sante ay pwede mong gamitin
pang benta ng Load.. So yung kita mo, kikita pa uli. Galing diba?

Magkakaroon ka ng sarili mong website dito na kung saan makikita mo at mamo-monitor mo lahat
ng income mo, networks mo at transactions mo dito sa Sante International!

Join Now!

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Sante Pure Barley is good for Diabetes









Paano Nakakatulong ang Barley sa Taong may DIABETES?

ARGININE – Ito ay Amino Acid na tumutulong sa paglaganap ng Insulin na nagmula sa Lapay, tumutulong din ito sa mabilis na pagpasok ng Glucose sa ating katawan.
CHROMIUM – Ito ang nakakatulong sa kakayahan ng insulin upang magamit ng ating katawan ang Glucose ( Asukal). Ito rin ang tumutulong upang makapasok sa ating cells ang glucose, dahil dito mapapanatili natin ang normal na Blood Sugar.
VANADIUM – Ito ang tumutulong sa Lapay upang gumawa at maglabas muli ng insulin na siyang nagdudulot ng normal na Blood Sugar.

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Sante Pure Barley Review

About Sante International

Sante International is a distribution company of organic wellness products. The company trade products that do not have synthetic, harmful ingredients while serving as a mounting venue for entrepreneurs.

The CEO and Directors

They show us leadership and good management. The success of Sante International is totally awesome because of the right management, marketing, products and people. Sante International has already created many millionaires when talking about wealth. The promotions and tri-media advertisement gives way to introduce Sante International products which help to save and improve health and often times gives strength to hopeless patient to survive.

Jesus Joey T. Marcelo

Chief Executive Officer

is a veteran marketing professional with more than a decade of marketing experience – including stints as senior sales engineer at Fedders Koppel Inc, director of Millionaires in Business, director for training of Vision Unlimited Inc., C.E.O. of League of Business Builders Inc. and C.E.O. of The Big League Enterprise Inc. He holds a master’s degree in business administration and a bachelor’s degree in industrial management engineering (minor in mechanical engineering) from De La Salle University. He is knowledgeable in Systems Analysis and Design, Network Marketing Compensation and Marketing System Development, and Organizational Development.

Ronnie R. Piñon

Chief Operations Officer

is a graduate of San Beda College with a Bachelors Degree in Commerce, majoring in marketing. He entered the middle management program of Ateneo de Manila Graduate School. He had extensive training in management and marketing with multinational companies in the U.S., Thailand, Malaysia,China and Hongkong.He held senior management positions from Local and multinational companies from being a Division General Manager of Scholastic a 1.2 billion dollar business and the world’s biggest in the Publishing Industry. He was National Sales Manager of Rustans Marketing and held a middle management position for Triumph International Direct Sales. With his extensive experience, he became a consultant for multinational and local companies for retail and direct distribution.

Eric S. Maranan

Chief Financial Officer

was a successful business executive in large corporations, an outstanding marketing professional, and was adjudged as one of the 20 highest revenue- earning marketing practitioners. He holds a bachelor of science degree, major in accounting, from the University of Santo Tomas and is a certified public accountant.

Minerva A. Carag

Director for Research and Product Development

has been a project management, sales and training consultant, and marketer for almost a decade. She is a Registered Nurse and holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Nursing, graduating as magna cum laude, from the Philippine Christian University. As a consultant, she set up organizational structures, conceptualized and created marketing tools and materials, and drew up financial plans and marketing strategies for clients. Her passion has been to develop products that deliver what they promise in quality, safety, and results.

Paul G. Caluag

Director for Network Development

is a graduate of Bachelor of Science in Business Administration from the Philippine School of Business Administration. He has been a consistent achiever in the Multilevel Marketing industry with over 22 years of experience in Network Marketing and Direct Selling industries. His core strengths include a gamut of sales, operations, marketing, management and training both here and abroad. Very much a strategic thinker and planner, Paul is goal-oriented as he is results-driven. A motivator, he is directly involved in steering the network’s development to further enhance individual skills, leadership and productivity.

The Advantages of Sante Pure Barley 

  • Certified Organic Barley

Not every farm that claims to be organic is organic.

Sante provides only organic barley from farms certified by BioGro NZ, New Zealand’s leading organic certification agency. BioGro is accredited by the International Federation of Organic Agriculture MOvements (IFOAM) which represents the best in international organic standards.

The BioGro certificate assures us that there are no unsafe levels of heavy metal, herbicide, and insecticide residues. NZ farms cannot be “certified organic” if unsafe residues are found. The farm must undergo residue testing as part of its certification.

  • Guaranteed Young Barley Leaves

The young leaves of organic barley are harvested only once, when they are below 30cm in height. Only the barley tops, where nutrients are concentrated, are harvested. No second or third harvest of young barley leaves are in any of Sante Pure Barley products.

  • Guaranteed Pure

Every Sante Barley Pure New Zealand 500mg Capsule contains pure barley, without any additives or artificial color.

  • Guaranteed Fresh

Freshly harvested barley is immediately transported to the manufacturing plant for dying, milling, and packing. It takes only 1 -6 hours between harvest and drying of fresh barley leaves using a patented process that assures preservation of vitamins, minerals. enzymes, and amino acids.

  • Vegetable Capsules

Sante Barley Pure is packed in vegetable capsules. It is safe for vegetarians and vegans.

  • Sante Barley Pure is packed in blister strips of 10 capsules each for handy and convenient use, anywhere and anytime.

Sante Pure Barley Products





Sante Pure Barley New Zealand Blend with Stevia
is pure organic barley grass powder and blended with the one of nature’s most potent sweeteners. Stevia has been used in Paraguay by its native Indians for the past 200 years as a sweetener for beverage.

The barley grass powder used in this product is certified organic by BioGro. It is grown in the Canterbury Plains of New Zealand in farms that have also been certified as organic. New Zealand is blessed with fertile soils, clean water irrigation and one of the world’s least polluted environments. This organic barley grass is blended with stevia in New Zealand’s organically certified manufactured plants.

Barley Grass has one of the most balanced nutrients profiles. It is a combination of Micronutrients which includes Vitamins, Amino Acids, Minerals, other Alkaline Minerals, Proteins, Phytochemicals, Phytonutrients, Chlorophyll and Enzymes.

Barley has 25,500 Oxygen Radical Absorbance Capacity (ORAC) per 100 grams. An Oxygen Radical Absorbency Capacity, or ORAC, score is derived from an analysis of any given food and reflects the level of antioxidants in that food. The higher the score, the more powerful the food is as an antioxidant. High ORAC foods are critical for health, as they help eliminate free radicals that contribute to or cause cancer, aging, heart disease, and other diseases and conditions.

 Santé Barley Pure New Zealand – 500m capsule (60 Capsule/box)

Sante Barley Pure New Zealand is pure organic young barley grass grown and cultivated in the fertile plains of Canterbury. Barley grass is harvested before the ovule begins to move up and the grain to develop. At this stage, its nutritional profile is more like that of a green leafy vegetable than that of a grain.

Young barley grass is rich in chlorophyll, the substance which gives plants their green color. Chlorophyll is a deodorizer that helps control bad breath, urine and fecal odor and body odor.Barley’s high fiber content helps promote regular bowel movement. It helps strengthen the immune system and helps protect against dreaded disease such as cancer. It acts as a detoxifier and may help remove toxic heavy metals from the body.It contains a mucilaginous substance, which relieves inflammation and soothes throat and stomach distress.
Barley Grass is naturally alkaline and may help to neutralize excess acidic materials in the body to maintain a healthy acidity/alkalinity balance.
It contains all essential amino acids for proper metabolism.Nutritionists recommend 5-6 servings of leafy green vegetables daily to help protect against degenerative diseases such as cancer, heart disease, and arthritis.It takes 100 kilos of fresh barley grass to produce just 10 kilos of barley powder. Santé Pure Barley New Zealand is concentrated nutrition in each capsule.



The combination of our tried and proven 100% young barley from New Zealand with Robusta Coffee beans. Perk up your morning with the rich velvety tastes of Sante Barley Fusion coffee, lovingly and meticulously blended for the discriminating cafe connoisseur. The coffee lover knows that barley fusion is the best choice when they need to improve health.


The fiber-rich drink for everyone ones with better digestion. It has a smooth and creamy texture that they will surely love! Most kids will love it while it gives good nutrition, energy and stamina.


It is enriched with organic barley grass which helps delay skin aging. It has papaya extract which exerts mild exfoliating and skin-lightening action. It is an anti aging soap with the power of barley grass and goat’s milk. It moisturizes and revitalizes your skin making it more fair-skin and younger looking..

Whey Barley

SANTE WHEY BARLEY Vanilla Flavor is a Low fat Source of Protein ( 16g Protein per serving)

Sante Whey Barley is a delicious and healthy drink perfect for people of all ages with different lifestyles. it is an excellent post-workout nutrition and supports athletes for muscle repair and injury recovery.

Sante Whey Barley is a great drink that would help children grow and for elders to maintain muscle mass, strength and function. It is a nutritious and convenient snack for busy people and just about anyone who is looking for maximum health.

 Sante Pure Barley Marketing Plan

Why Join Sante International

  • Highly Salable Products
  • Work from Home
  • Inheritable Business
  • No Monthly Quota
  • No Time Limit
  • SMS / Internet Based
  • Big League Membership
  • Open Globally


ENTRY : P4,238 (Worth P4,650 Products and P8k Discount Coupons)

7 Ways to Earn


Retail Bonus up to 50%


P300.00/Pure Barley Pack


Earn P500 for every linked/pair


Earn up to 10th Level


Earn Additional Bonus up to 21%


Portion of the companies income will be set aside as a Global Bonus for qualifying Gold ED, Platinum ED and Diamond ED.


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