Whey Barley

SANTE WHEY BARLEY Vanilla Flavor is a Low fat Source of Protein ( 16g Protein per serving)

Sante Whey Barley is a delicious and healthy drink perfect for people of all ages with different lifestyles. it is an excellent post-workout nutrition and supports athletes for muscle repair and injury recovery.

Sante Whey Barley is a great drink that would help children grow and for elders to maintain muscle mass, strength and function. It is a nutritious and convenient snack for busy people and just about anyone who is looking for maximum health.



  • Helps build and repair body tissues
  • Helps in regaining strength and endurance


  • Repairs muscles
  • Aides in faster recovery


  • Regains and maintains muscle mass, strength and function

INGREDIENTS: Whey Protein Concentrate, Organic Barley Grass Powder with Stevia, Dextrose, Nature Identical Vanilla Flavor


"whey barley"
"sante whey barley"

2 thoughts on “SANTE WHEY BARLEY Brand New Product

  1. I agree with mark. you cant just advertise that your product is good and will give great stuff. It is better we would know the full detail of the product for us to understand what we are taking. because most products “says” in the label that it is “100% Pure Barley” but their could be some proprietary blends out there. who knows and they are selling this stuff quite expensive. Plus the Nutrition Information or Typical Values per serving and Ingredients are none, we need more info. I’ve tried many products and before I’m going to switch from what I’m using I have to be convinced that this is the stuff I’m looking for. I guess that’s what most people would ask and are feeling when and how they are also putting their money on it. So please if you could also do a review on this product it would really help everybody. Reviews, not interviews with actors. Thanks a lot. :)

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